550 Cord Braid

Strength to Last: Miltex Industries 550 Cord Braid

Miltex Industries, a division of the world class parachute manufacturer Mills Manufacturing, specializes in the manufacture of braided nylon parachute cord, including 550 cord braid. We regularly supply PIA-C-5040 and PIA-C-7515 spec cord to agencies like the United States Armed Forces and other governments around the world.

Miltex Industries makes the following strengths types of 550 cord braid:

  • Type 1A / Type IA
  • Type 2 / Type II
  • Type 2A / Type IIA
  • Type 3 / Type III
  • Type 4 / Type IV

We also offer our 550 cord braid in varying colors depending on the type you want.

Contact us through Mills Manufacturing for quotes, pricing, and other questions about our 550 cord braid paracord.

A Brief History of 550 Cord Braid

The most defining characteristic of 550 cord braid is that it’s actually several strands, or “cores,” of fiber inside a woven sheath. The number of cores varies with the type, but the more cores, the stronger the cord is.

550 cord braid was first utilized in the parachute packs of the Allies’ paratroopers in World War II. Once they landed though, our soldiers found that the tough, strong rope that aided their descent was just as useful around the battlefield in a wide variety of practical applications. 550 cord braid could lash together water tanks, secure equipment to a vehicle, or even serve as an effective tourniquet.

Today, most parachutists still count on 550 cord braid in their pack to properly extend the chute and hold fast to the harness at the sudden moment of deployment, keeping the connection between chutist and chute intact. But due to its versatility, paracord has found its way into survival gear, fashion accessories, NASA space missions, and even bullwhips.

Types of Miltex 550 Cord Braid

The strength of Miltex 550 cord braid depends on the number of cores. Here’s a rundown of each type of Miltex cord, its break strength, and its core count:

  • Type IA – 100 lbs, no cores (sleeve only)
  • Type II – 400 lbs, 5 cores
  • Type IIA – 225 lbs, no cores (sleeve only)
  • Type III – 550 lbs, 8 cores (7 cores in paracord)
  • Type IV – 750 lbs, 11 cores

Trust Miltex Industries 550 Cord Braid and Mills Manufacturing

The safety of paracord is achieved through specific uniformity governed by the Parachute Industry of America (PIA), who set industry-wide specifications on such crucial pieces of parachuting gear.
Miltex’s parent company Mills Manufacturing is a top-rated defense contractor, supplying parachutes and parachute accessories to the Unites States government since the 1940s. As an active member of the PIA and a registered ISO 9001 company, Mills Manufacturing and Miltex Industries are committed to leading the world in the highest quality parachutes, packs, paracord, and 550 cord braid possible.

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