As America’s oldest parachute equipment manufacturer, Mills Manufacturer takes its role as leaders in this industry seriously. We serve governments and militaries around the world. Our end-users can count on our military parachute equipment to deploy exactly where and when they need it most. We have a full line of personnel parachutes, such as airborne troop parachutes and emergency parachutes, and non-personnel products, such as cargo parachutes, extraction parachutes, and deceleration parachutes.

Mills Manufacturing also offers ancillary parachute products made to customer’s unique specifications. These include:

  • Packs and harnesses
  • Flare Parachutes
  • Cluster Munition Parachutes
  • Drogue Parachutes
  • Ribbon Chutes
  • Drone Recovery Parachutes

Among our military parachute equipment, we also produce parachutes used as retardation and stabilization devices for mines and torpedoes. We manufacture a complete range of pilot parachutes, some as components of personnel and cargo assemblies. We also manufacture aircraft deceleration pilot chutes up to a 90″ diameter parachute for a heavy bomber. Contact us for detailed product information.

Setting the Standard in Military Cut & Sew Products

As a small, private defense contractor consistently ranked at the top by US Government contractor assessors, we approach every project with a highly level of expertise and engineering sophistication. Headquartered in Asheville, NC, we manufacture everything under one roof. Each textile item made for the US Department of Defense is in strict compliance with the Berry Amendment, which requires 100% of raw materials to be sourced from the United States.

Our focus on lean manufacturing practices with a smaller, highly-trained workforce allows us to minimize waste and maximize efficiency while never compromising on quality. Combining craftsmanship with technology, we are skilled in military cut and sew and offer highly customizable textile products to a variety of industries. Contact us for a quote today!