Helping to pull loads from airplanes, extraction parachutes are crucial in getting supplies and equipment to where they’re needed most. Extraction parachutes are manufactured in several configurations, such as the 15-foot extraction canopy. This canopy includes a ring slot design with 16 gores and suspension lines. For a low velocity airdrop, this product extracts a load ranging from 2,500 pounds to 10,000 pounds, depending on the type of aircraft.

Component parts for all extraction assemblies can be supplied separately. Please contact us to request the parts number list. With our expertise in military cut and sew operations, we offer a full line of basic military parachutes and can customize a parachute to meet your specific needs.

LAPES Ensure Timely Delivery

When landing is not an option or an item is too heavy for a high-altitude drop, a low-altitude parachute-extraction system (LAPES) can help deposit supplies where they’re needed most. This LAPES drop can take place from two to ten feet off the ground. A tactical airlift delivery method, LAPES enables airplanes (such as a C-130 or C-17) to deploy loads using a pallet, drogue chute, and extraction chutes. We produce several kinds of extraction parachutes, including LAPES.

Similar in function to the drogue parachute, which stabilizes the main parachute and lowers its speed before it opens, extraction parachutes help decrease the speed of cargo and ensure smooth landings.