How is a Flare Parachute Used in Military Actions?

A flare parachute is a small parachute with an illuminating flare connected to it so as the flare burns it is slowly dropped to the ground. They are used to illuminate areas at night or in low light. Flare parachutes have often been used in Iraq so soldiers could illuminate various areas and see more clearly at night. The flares are suspended specifically from the parachute assembly for maximum brightness and coverage. The length of the illumination depends on how high the release is done and the parachute size. They are mostly used in landings, observations, and other military actions done at night and can be dropped from aircraft or sometimes fired from a rocket or a gun.

Parachutes Sizes

Flare parachutes made by Mills Manufacturing come in a variety of sizes. Sizes relate directly to the size of the mortar shells being used. Common sizes include:

  • 60mm
  • 81mm
  • 120mm
  • 155mm

About Mills Manufacturing

Mills Manufacturing is a third generation, family-owned and operated company opened in 1935 in New York City. In 1952 the business relocated to Asheville, North Carolina, and it has operated in the city successfully since. Since the outbreak of the Korean War Mills Manufacturing has made parachutes of all kinds. The clear focus on parachute manufacturing has made  Mills a global leader in all types of military cut and sew operations. No subcontractors are used in the parachute and flare parachute manufacturing process so the highest level of quality is guaranteed. Mills Manufacturing parachute experts also manage all aspects of inspection, testing, and packaging. A flare parachute made by Mills Manufacturing is the same craftsmanship provided to the US Armed Forces and over 65 other countries.

Additional Parachute Products

Mills Manufacturing is also a global manufacturer of many additional parachute products. These can be made to suit any customer’s individual requirements. Customers can order flare parachutes, as well as parachute packs and harnesses, cluster munition parachutes, drogue parachutes, ribbon chutes, and more. Choose a manufacturing company proven to provide superior quality with decades of experience – choose Mills Manufacturing.