The G-11 100ft (30.3m) Cargo Parachute Assembly was developed primarily for platform airdrops and continues to be the only cargo parachute of this size which is readily available for military use.

G-11 Series Characteristics

  • Shape: Flat Circular
  • Diameter (nominal): 100 ft. (10.7m)
  • Gore material: 1.6 oz, type III ripstop nylon parachute cloth
  • Number of suspension lines: 120
  • Suspension Line Material: *Type III, PIA-C-5040, 550 lbs (249.5 kg) tensile strength
  • Length of Suspension Line: 35 ft. (10.6m)
  • Suspension Riser Assemblies: 3
  • Suspension Riser Length: 60 ft. (18.28m)
  • Complete Assembly Weight: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
  • Maximum Payload Capacity: 5000 lbs (2267.9 kg)
  • NSN: 1670-00-269-1107
  • P/N: 51C6718
  • Canopy: 48J7841-3
  • D-Bag: 11-1-3019

Difference Between Models

Note: The G-11C & G-11D assemblies are built to the G-11B Assembly specifications and are different because of rigging configurations.

G-11A: Rigged with no centerline and uses two M-21 reefing line cutters with a 2-second delay.

G-11B reefing: Rigged using 100-ft (30.5m) centerline to pull down canopy vent and four 16.5ft (5m) M-21 line cutters with 2-second delay.

G-11C: Rigged using 100-ft (30.5m)centerline to pull down canopy vent and two 10ft (3m) M- 21reefing line cutters with 2-second delay.

G-11D: Rigged with no centerline and uses four 12ft (3.7m) M-21 reefing line cutters with 2-second delay.

Type Parachutes Minimum Maximum
G-11B 1 2,270 (1,030 kg) 5,000 (2,267 kg)
2 5,001 (2,268 kg) 10,000 (4,535 kg)
3 10,001 (4,356 kg) 15,000 (6,003 kg)
4 15,001 (6,004 kg) 20,000 (9,071 kg)
G-11C 5 20,001 (9,072 kg) 25,000 (11,339 kg)
6 25,001 (11,340 kg) 30,000 (13,607 kg)
7 30,001 (13,608 kg) 35,000 (15,875 kg)
8 35,001 (12,867 kg) 40,000 (18,144 kg)

Additional Information

The G-11 can be used singularly or in clusters of two or more, depending upon air delivery load weight, and can be dropped from minimum altitudes ranging from 700 ft AGL (213.36m) to 1300 ft AGL (396.24m). In its basic configuration, the G-11 is capable of supporting a 5000-lbs (2,267kg) pound payload and when in a cluster of eight, the assemble is capable of supporting up to 42,000-lbs (19,050kg). All material colors are U.S. Army Foliage Green #504.