The G-12 64ft (19.5m) Cargo Parachute Assembly was developed primarily for use in the deceleration and stabilization of bulk-type platform air delivery cargo loads.

G-12 Series Characteristics

  • Shape: Flat Circular
  • Diameter (nominal): 64 ft. (19.5m)
  • Gore material: 2.25 oz, type I, nylon parachute cloth
  • Number of suspension lines: 64
  • Suspension Line Material: *Type IV, PIA-C-7515, 1000 lbs (450 kg) tensile strength
  • Length of Suspension Line: 51 ft. (15.5m)
  • Suspension Riser Assemblies: 2
  • Suspension Riser Length: 60 ft. (18.28m)
  • Complete Assembly Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
  • Maximum Payload Capacity: 2,200 lbs (997.9 kg)
  • Pilot Chute
  • Shape: Flat Octagonal
  • Diameter (nominal): 68 inches (1727mm)
  • Canopy Material: 1.1 oz PIA-C-7020, type I ripstop nylon parachute cloth
  • NSN: 1670-00-893-2371
  • P/N: 55A6045
  • Canopy: 48K6076
  • D-Bag: 11-1-3967-1
  • Pilot Chute: 53E6803-1
  • Deployment Line: 53D6805
  • Static Line: 59J6171
  • Risers: 51D6183

Difference Between Models

Note: The G-12D & G-12E assemblies are different because of rigging configurations.

G-12D: Rigged with no centerline.

G-12E: Rigged using 57 ft. (17.37m) centerline to pull down canopy vent.

Suspended Weight in Pounds

Type Parachutes Minimum Maximum
G-12E 1 501 (227 kg) 2,200 (997.9 kg)
2 2,270 (1.029.7 kg) 3,500 (1587.5 kg)

Suspended weight in pounds is the total rigged weight less the weight of the cargo parachutes

Additional Information

The G-12 can be used singularly or in clusters of two or more, depending upon air delivery load weight, and can be dropped from minimum altitudes rang- ing from 475ft AGL (144.7m) to 550 ft AGL (167.6m). In its basic configuration, the G-12 is capable of sup- porting up to 2,200-lbs (1,028kg) pound payload and when in a cluster of two, the assembly is capable of supporting up to 3,500-lbs (1,587kg). All material colors are U.S. Army Foliage Green #504.

All G-12 64 ft. Cargo Assemblies are manufactured in strict accordance with Cargo Parachute U.S. Military Specifications MIL-DTL-7620 and MIL-STD-849, latest revisions.

All G-12 64 ft. Cargo Assemblies are preserved, packaged and packed in accordance with U.S. Military Specifications or customer’s specific packaging instructions.