The MC1-1B maneuverable parachute assembly is used primarily for a premeditated jump when a precision landing in a small target area is necessary.

MC1-1B/E Characteristics

  • Shape: Parabolic
  • Diameter (nominal): 35 feet (10.7m)
  • Gore Material: 1.1 oz, type I ripstop nylon parachute cloth
  • Vent Line Material: Type II nylon cord, PIA-C-5040 400 lb (181.8 kg) tensile strength
  • No. of Suspension Lines: 30
  • Suspension Line Material: Type II nylon cord, PIA-C-5040 400 lb (181.8 kg) tensile strength
  • Length of Suspension Line (connector link to lower lateral band): 22 feet (6.7m)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 360 lbs (163 kg)
  • Complete Assembly Weight: 29 lbs (13 kg)
  • Steerable: Yes
  • Maximum Jump Wind Speed: 15 mph (13 knots)
  • Descent Rate (Sea Level): Avg. 20 ft/sec (6.1 m/s)
  • Minimum Deployment Altitude: 500 ft (152m)
  • Maximum Deployment Speed: 173 mph (150 knots)
  • Turn 360 degrees: 8-9 seconds
  • Forward Thrust: 9.5 mph (8 knots)
  • Age Life: 16.5 years
  • Service Life: 12 years
  • NSN: 1670-00-598-0751
  • P/N: 11-1-900-1
  • Canopy: 11-1-1501-1
  • Pack: 62J4342
  • D-Bag: 56D6276
  • Static Line: 56D6481
  • Harness: 11-1-2143-1
  • Riser: 11-1-2149-1

Difference Between Models

MC1-1B: Standard Configuration

MC1-1E: Incorporates the new Universal Static Line with Static Line Snap

Additional Information

The basic canopy is the same as the T-10B assembly, except that there are orifices or cut-out areas in 11 of the 30 gores, creating a gliding type descent. The canopy has two control lines, each extending from an outboard orifice to toggles which may be manipulated in such a way as to make 360° turns. It has a 3 3/4inch mesh anti-inversion net attached to the skirt of the canopy that extends 18- inches below the canopy shirt. When packed for service, the complete assembly weighs approximately 29-lbs (13kg), and has a nominal diameter of 35 feet (10.7m) and a projected or inflated diameter of 24.5 feet (7.5m). All material colors are U.S. Army Foliage Green #504.

All Canopy Assemblies are manufactured in strict accordance with Personal Parachute U.S. Military Specifications MIL-DTL-6645, MIL-DTL-7567 and MIL-STD-849, latest revisions