Whether you run a business that offers textile products to your customers or you are part of a government entity, you’re looking to work with a reliable manufacturer who takes great pride in what they do and who they serve. For over 75 years, Mills Manufacturing has been a trusted contractor of textile manufacturing for the U.S. military and allied militaries around the world. We’ve recently been able to open up our services to include commercial and industrial contract cut and sew.

Parachute Manufacturing

For decades, this has been the core of our cut and sew manufacturing business. We are a dependable supplier of military parachutes for all five branches of the US armed forces and more than 65 other nations. Our mission is to bring troops safely to the ground 100% of the time.

Military Cut & Sew

Compliance is our middle name. We can expertly decipher designs and follow strict specifications. All of our products and raw materials are 100% produced in the United States in compliance with the Berry Amendment. We produce parachute systems and components, such as bags, packs, harnesses, and pilot chutes.

Contract Cut & Sew Manufacturing

Established industrial and commercial companies seeking large-scale contract cut and sew projects value our attention to detail, military-grade quality, and transparency. With our proven track record in parachute manufacturing, Mills Manufacturing has just the right conditions in place to make highly engineered sewn items of other varieties.

Our Processes

Whether it’s for military personnel or a commercial cut and sew project, all of our manufactured items must clearly meet or exceed all safety and quality standards. This is why no part of the manufacturing process is outsourced and every step of the process takes place at our Asheville, North Carolina facility. Learn more about our capabilities and processes.